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Jackie’s Advantures 2/??

Turn of the Century French Farming AU

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insane-anniecresta asked: Hi there! This is probably going to be a somewhat odd question, but would you mind telling me what video these gifs are from? /post/71230620607/jackies-adventures-1-beach-and-abandoned

yes of course! its the trailer for the indie french film titled “Juliette”

Jackie’s Adventures  1/??

Beach and Abandoned Warehouse

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I gave up on happiness a long time ago,

                          it’s not because I don’t want to be happy,                                                       

                                                      It’s that I don’t think I d e s e r v e to be.


I stopped being me

                        such a long time ago

                                             I don’t even remember

                                                                       Who that was.



                                                     ”Would you mind telling me what time it is?”

                                    [ She doesn’t have a watch with her, and cell phones aren’t exactly her best friends. The last one she had is resting on the ocean floor now, or in the stomach of some kind of sea-animal perhaps. ] 

~— -“Um, yeah.” Jackie pulls her phone out of her pocket, clicking it on and showing the time.


He suppressed a growl and brushed himself off, trying his best to wipe away the ketchup stain in his shirt. “I like this shirt,” he grumbled, still rather irrate. She’d ruined his lunch and his shirt. And he was having a good day too!

I think you owe me a new Big Mac,” he spat, completely disregarding her pointing out that it was in fact his fault as well. He would continue to disregard it until she gave him a reason not to, which was unlikely. “And a new shirt. Yeah, burger and a shirt. Almost like a date.” He smiled sarcastically before his scowl returned.


~— -“Excuse me?” Jackie is appalled. She has literally never met someone so self centered in her whole life, well, Nadia is pretty awful, but at least she is sort of amiable around strangers.

"There is no fucking way I’m buying you a new burger or a new shirt. I mean, really? That’s such a dick move. I’m not an idiot and I don’t go for shit like that. Nice try though.” She huffs a humorless laugh and continues. “And you know, if you weren’t such an asshole I would ask for your number, but I’m over it.”


Beckett may or may not of always had a bit of an issue with authority. Even as a child. She’s a troublemaker, not much more to it. So it’s a little surprising when she’s the first one into the classroom, claiming her territory right in the exact center of the middle row. Black boots are kicked up, resting on the back of the chair in front of her as she adjusts her skirt slightly, then looks up to appraise the professor.

"….— -Is this your firs’ year or somethin’?"


~— -Jack studies his first student of the morning, eyes her boots kicked up on the table, and decides that he has to keep an eye one her. Her drawl however…he could get used to it. She looked talented enough, but only time would tell.

"My third, actually." He pauses, standing from his desk and glancing over his roster. "And you are…?"

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